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All Roof Repairs is a quality Johannesburg based company with over twenty years of experience in residential renovations and roofing frame-works using both metal and wood. We offer our services to clients who are most often home owners, estate agents, body corporates and factory owners in need of roof repairs and renovations. 
While I was living and working in the United Kingdom, I got exposed to a large amount of structural carpentry, insulation, waterproofing and renovation techniques. Further to this, Hands-On Handyman cc has been successfully registered and offering our clients “All Roof Repairs” since 2004. 
Our company believes in skills development and the growth of individuals, the sharing of knowledge and the empowerment of future leaders and so I am proud to say that we are a great team of dedicated, intelligent, trust worthy, creative, practical and hard working men. 
We offer our clients free, easy to read and practical quotes aimed at tackling and correcting the root cause of the problems and in most cases we aim to give you, our client, guaranteed peace of mind.

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We do full roof renovations, waterproofing, lean-to roofs and car ports from scratch.
Most people forget that a roof is a hugely organic structure that has a life span, thus requiring periodic carpentry, sheeting or tiling, combined with building and waterproofing. Roofs need to breath and are barriers between us and the environment , including storms, dust and extreme temperature variations. Roofs need to have an ample drainage gradient, so that water runs off them with as little resistance as possible. 
We have found that most roof problems relate directly to either decay or shoddy original workmanship. At times, we forget about our roofs until we see something hanging off them, or a nasty watermark appears on a ceiling board. Unfortunately due to the organic materials used in roof construction, most roof timbers are slowly on their way out. Roof timbers are almost always made from pine, and pine wood has a life span of roughly 65 years when covered

Roof framework repairs and alterations

The frame is the most important part of the roof and it will need to be serviced at least once through the course of a life time.
Most roofs are based upon a wooden framework that slowly degrades through time.
Roofs frames flex through expansion and contraction and are directly effected by sun shine, wind and rain. A loose or rotting frame work will constantly put pressure on the performance of the roof coverings. As it expands and contracts, it slowly works itself loose.
Because we understand the dynamics of the ever flexing framework, we are the best people to undertake the repair. Our company specializes in replacing roof timbers and we know how to do this in a safe and economical way.

Water proofing

We use different methods and materials for different roof coverings, though where ever possible we revert to the original methods of frame work and sheeting repairs using wood, metal, nails and cement. We endeavour to understand and appreciate the flow of water, most often effected by gravity, speed and wind direction. Our appreciation and respect for the physics of H2O, inevitably leads to an increased rate of a successful and longer term repair.
Most often, we use the standard liquid based water-proofers as a form of additional waterproofing over the structural repair. It is important to realize that most roof leak repair companies only use the liquid-base repair systems to fix their client’s problems, though this is much like putting a plaster over a gun shot wound as these systems have a very limited life span, due to our harsh dry winter.
A lot of our work comes from repairing the “repairs” which most often requires ripping off the patch and going straight to the source of the problem.

Re-sheeting, flashings, tiles and paint

The majority of the work that we do is repairing roofs of houses that have had extensions added. Very often these extensions are leaking and this as a result of poor workmanship and general lack of understanding.
We deal predominantly with metal (zinc) roofs and then a wide variety of both clay and cement roof tiles. All roofs have flashing that couple the vertical, horizontal and diagonal surfaces together and we know which flashing go where.
As to painting, we use the best German air-less spray system which ensure that the paint is applied wet and evenly, making the job faster to complete and saving you time and money on paint. While we spray or hand paint using any clients preferred paint, we have found Dulux Roof Guard to be the best paint all round.

Patios, carports and other roofing extensions

Being primarily a structural carpentry and framework company, we are well suited to erecting patio and carport type roofs, in both metal and wood. Our measurements are tight and our frames are made to last a long time.
We can cover the frame work with sheeting or tiles and can incorporate poly-carbonate or skylights into the frame work.
Our full spec patio roof would typically consist of a series of skylights, plastered ceiling boards with dim-able recessed down lights turning a dull area into a vibrant and friendly space.

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